“Occupied Japan” Most Searched Collectible in 2009

Occupied Japan Colonial Couple Figurine

“Occupied Japan” topped a list of the most-searched items in 2009 compiled by the price guide website Kovels.  The Kovels’ top 10 list is based on the results of millions of searches that took place on its website over the course of the year. The top ten are as follows:

1. Occupied Japan – No Movement from 2008

2. Jewelry – No Movement from 2008

3. Stove – Up from #4 in 2008

4. Capo-di-monte – Up from #7 in 2008

5. Silver Plate – New to the list

6. Furniture – No Movement

7. Copeland Spode – New to list

8. Josef Originals – New to list

9. Lladro – Down from #8 in 2008

10. Coca-Cola – down from #3 in 2008

Occupied Japan continues to top the list of the most searched-for items. Half of the top ten search categories in 2009 were porcelains. According to antique expert Terry Kovel, “There seems to be great interest in prices for small figurines and fine dinnerware. Both are bargains in the antique market and are just starting to go up in price. Many of the porcelain factories have moved their production from England and Europe to Asia where the quality is not the same.” Antiques such as furniture and jewelry continue to do well in a down economy. Often priced against similar modern pieces, these can be cheaper, and more interesting than their newer counterparts, making them a great find for antique hunters and home decorators.

People use price guides for a number of reasons, usually to determine the value of an item that they own. If an item isn’t listed in the top 10 list, it doesn’t mean it is unpopular or that there isn’t a demand for it. It only means that in 2009 there was less interest in finding prices for that item. This year’s list includes comparative data for 2008 as well.

3 thoughts on ““Occupied Japan” Most Searched Collectible in 2009

  1. Here are our top ten keyword search terms for 2009:

    urban art
    frederic church at bonhams
    queen anne highboy
    american pickers
    “antiques are green
    “spirit of the navy” macmonnies
    joan sloan brooklyn
    a.f. king
    somerset pa map antique show
    vermeer “milkmaid” at the met, picture


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