Popular Salon of the People

The Carnegie currently has a show “Popular Salon of the People: Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Annuals at Carnegie Museum of Art, 1910–2006” which contains several works by Pittsburgh artist Johanna K. Hailman. Known for painting flowers, Hailman also apparently tried her hand at painting steel mills. Her work along these lines hangs in the show near the master of the Pittsburgh mill, Gorson.

I hadn’t been aware of Hailman until recently when I came across her while researching Pittsburgh furniture. Her father, Joseph Ryan Woodwell was also an artist, and her grandfather was a cabinetmaker.

Woodwell operated a furniture workshop and wareroom in Pittsburgh until 1845 when he sold his interest in the business and went into the hardware trade. The hardware store continued to operate until 1954. A Pier table by Woodwell is on display at the Heinz History Center.

The show also includes the work of Lila Hetzel, the daughter of Scalp Level painter George Hetzel.

In conjunction with the 97th Associated Artists of Pittsburgh exhibition, “Popular Salon of the People” is a historical survey featuring the work of more than 75 notable artists who have participated in the annual survey shows. The show includes John Kane, Malcolm Parcell, Aaron Gorson, Samuel Rosenberg, Raymond Cimboli, Marie Kelly, Andy Warhol, Philip Pearlstein, and Jonathan Borofsky.

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