The sound of aristocrat, the price for well-heeled

Collecting is about acquiring things valuable, or should I say invaluable? From toy trains to vinyl records, what matters is personal experiences and feelings. It does not surprise me that some vinyl record cost so much that you probably will never listen to them in your lifetime in order to maintain prestine considition.

One example is shown now on eBay (item number 130153471140). It is the first press and it is unplayed. But above all, it is Milstein. An elite fiddler who has been enshrined by intellectuals around the world.

If the first press is the reason to expalin such a frenetic bidding on Milstein’s record, then farewell can be linked with another high-priced item sold on eBay related to Milstein. (Item number is 170148163142). This one is even a CD of his last recital. Although apparantly it has been out-of-print for a while, the master tape must be well-represerved since the recital was held in 1987.

If you think $51.48 is too much for something reprintable, an Amazon seller has marked the price tag over 200 dollars.

Of course, one can wait. Unlike art works by deceased artists, CDs are mass-produced. And the chance that he can buy the same program at regular price in the future is not unrealistic at all. One example is the long-waited 6CD set of Michael Rabin. Before EMI reissued the set last year, it was over 250 dollars everywhere. Now you can probably get it below $50.

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