Figure Drawing at Watercolors Gallery

It was the first time I went there for figure drawing. As the event coordinator Phil said, there was no model training in the pittsburgh area and the gallery is by his acknowledgement the only one in the metro area which both provide figure drawing session and model training at the same time. “The next closest one that you can find is in UK, but they only offer cerfiticate, not training.” Phil said, “here you have the artists giving you suggestions and help.”

The session lasts for three hours with a break in the middle featuring complimentry food and snacks. Today’s model is Myron who has been modeling for more than seven years. He talked about his first experience (always difficult as one can imagine) and his most difficult session (3 minutes gesture drawing lasting for three hours at CMU, which exhausted him as much physically as mentally). “You see someone put a price tag of 800 dollars for a painting, you think wow, that is expensive.” He commented, “but you know, to get to that level, there is a long way. And the price is really not that much if you appreciate all the efforts made through years.” He said that with his body straight and tight and his eyes looking down pensively as if a flash of growth of artists came into his mind.

If you are interested in figure drawing, please contact with Phil Keniston at 412-600-1664. He can also be reached through email (

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