War and Peace — Posters Put Ease and Tensions on the Walls from Swann Galleries

But a visit to the Swann Galleries today opened my eyes and mind. The current vintage posters sale, which will be auctioned on Wednesday, has such a depth and variety in topics, styles and eras that the collective I am almost would guarantee that anyone can find something that they like. Contrary to the so-called high art, which has been reflecting tastes of a small elite group composed of artists, critics and deep-pocketed collectors, posters -- equipped with exuberant colors and vivacious patterns -- are born with public appeal and communicative power. In this sale, I have found commercial posters for some brands or companies, proganda posters for special periods and interestingly Mather work incentive posters made in 20's and 30's that reminded me of the slogans used in pre-Cultural-Revolutions era of China (except of course with bolder designs and somewhat humorous messages). [Read More...]