Forrest Bess

Forrest Bess (1911 – 1977) Known for being both visionary and eccentric this Bay City, Texas native picked up his love of art from his mother. A head injury sustained in the army led Bess to an isolated camp where he his uncontrollable visions. Along with along with artists Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko,  Bess showed at Betty Parsons Gallery in New York City. Correspondence now held by the Smithsonian Archives of American Art reveals Bess considered his paintings to be part of a grander theory based in part on the philosophy of Carl Jung.  Bess admired the work of Albert Pinkham Ryder and Arthur Dove. Critics say his best art consists of only about 100 small paintings adorned with driftwood frames. His work is held in public collections including the Menil Collection, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Museum of Modern Art and The Whitney Museum.