Antique Shows of the Past

Antique shows are fun, especially if you are old enough to remember some of the great ones. Sure, there are some great shows still out there, but there are many behind us. One of the shows I miss most is the Heart of Country show in Nashville.

Urban Art & Antiques and the Calendar of Antiques would like to compile a list of some of the shows from the past and create a record for the future of some of the biggest and most fondly remembered shows.

To gather the information, we’ve created a survey form that will help collect the name of shows, the size of shows and the region. Anyone may submit information. Email addresses and other personal information are not collected. Please send any corrections to!

The form is available here:

Show Name City Approx Dates
Heart of Country Nashville, TN
All Saints’ Antiques Show Rehoboth Beach, DE
Grand Rapids Antiques Market Grand Rapids, MI
Texas Art Expo Fort Worth, TX
Heart of Country Nashville, TN
International Antique Show & Sale Dallas, TX
Johnson’s Antiques Show Dallas, TX (Fairpark)
Lake Forrest Antique Show Dallas, TX 1970s
Dallas Antique Dealers Assn Dallas, TX 1940s, 1950s
Tri Delta Charity Antiques Show Dallas, TX 1980s
Memorial Auditorium Kiwanas AS Dallas, TX 1950s
Greater Dallas Spring Jibilee Antique Show Dallas, TX 1970s
Concert and Tea at Antiques Show Sangar Bros Dallas, TX 1930s
Church of the Incarnation Antique Show Dallas, TX 1932
Texas Antique Show at Jefferson Hotel Dallas, TX 1930s
East Texas Antiques Show Longview, TX 1940s
Hook Rug & Antique Show Timson, TX 1940s
Irving Home Demonstration Club Antiques Show Irving, TX 1950s
Oak Cliff Society of Fine Arts AS Dallas, TX 1950s
Texas Dental Auxilary Antiques Show Dallas, TX 1950s
Women’s Club of Fort Worth Antiques Show
Wellesley Club Antique Show and Sale Dallas 1950s
White Rock Optimists Club Antique Show Dallas 1960s
Halbrook Memorial Antique Show Dallas 1970s