All That Lost — Preview From Swann Galleries

Swann Galleries has an auction sale on photographs today. In the preview, I have noticed that photographs were arranged not by the lot numbers, but grouped by scenes. Some pictures are beautiful, such as those of Ansel Adams or Harry Callahan, but I have never grown into followers of those artsy photographers. Interesting photos are … Continue reading All That Lost — Preview From Swann Galleries

Remorse From An Underbidder, or How I Could Have Owned A Piece of Gustav Mahler, But I didn’t. Yet I Am More Likely To Own One In Future

With all these uncertainty in my mind, I left an absentee bid, which as the title said, was not high enough. From a collecting point of view, I always think it is actually nice not to get the first hunt in a new field so that the interest and passion can be tested over time while the knowledge can be further enhanced. Falling in love at the first sight is romantic, but collecting is not dating, but marriage with the goal of life long harmony and enjoyment (albeit sometimes "divorce" may happen"). In this case, the second look or third look is more important. The question is: Can I find another piece of Mahler by Emil Orlik? [Read More...]