Remote America

Sarah Williams Pavement

Stunningly beautiful, it is distillation of our collective memory of sharpened sense of places, when we were dislocated and lost in the anonymous, vast rural land. Growing up in the heartland, Williams drives around Missouri to take pictures for inspiration. The night scenes are ubiquitous. They help wipe out elements unnecessary for compelling compositions. Although it is tempting to ravish viewers with that brute force gravity of a dark background, Williams seeks beyond: Exquisite and extreme colors under artificial light.

Sarah Williams’ Nightfall at Marty Walker Gallery

Nocturnal views are for painters of specialty. They speak with different vocabulary. For some, the limited tonality and values reduce aerial perspective of traditional landscape into designs of forms; for others, the changes in colors through subtle various light sources liberate their pallete to achieve their visions as colorists. Sarah Williams’ Night Fall series, currently … Continue reading Sarah Williams’ Nightfall at Marty Walker Gallery