Gaultier at DMA: From Sidewalk to Catwalk

Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion world is rebellious, revolutional, and to some extent, revolting. These flashy, funky, decadent garments, by eliciting comments from viewers, annotate and challenge our societal views of self-expression through fashion - whether it is about injecting feminism into masculinity for boy toys with kilts, skirts or bra cups, or fetish leather suit with suggestive bondage and sex staging, or print patches of religious iconography/the Eiffel Tower or tattoo-like; loom large his personal statements. And his idiosyncrasy overwhelms both visual elements and sartorial achievements such as textural layers of plain or graphic or seamless assembly of different material as if they were organically grown together.

Jeff Koons, Ikea, Old Masters and the Chinese Art Market

Several articles that appeared in the popular presses recently touch on the art and antiques industry and caught my attention. The first was a September 7 article about the Chinese art market in the New York Times. If you caught that you'll already know that Chinese buyers are moving beyond reclaiming cultural heritage and are … Continue reading Jeff Koons, Ikea, Old Masters and the Chinese Art Market