Master Drawings London Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This year Master Drawings London celebrates its 10th anniversary. The inspiration of Crispian Riley-Smith, the event proved an immediate success when first launched in 2001. Many of the galleries taking place this year have participated each year since its inception. Master Drawings London is a collaborative event in which London’s leading drawings specialists join together … Continue reading Master Drawings London Celebrates 10th Anniversary

True Reflection — Oil Sketches from the Thaw Collection at Morgan Library

One of the appeals of the modern arts to the young generations is the intentional traces of human labor, the proof of art creation by means of visible brushwork, layers of paint and scribbled seemingly randomness that echoes the human natures. Here, far away from the fear and burden of being criticized by the convention of neoclassicism or other approved styles, the artists of the 19th century were bold and adventurous. They experimented, explored and tried out the subject with all different techniques. In these works, they shines not for their craftsmanship but for their artistic curiosity. [...]