A Gaggle of Interests – August 16 2009

It is rare to find the sketchbooks of a major artists because in the past some sold piece by piece to reap the profit. I am not sure how the auction house dated the works. His contact with Hague School artists began in the 1880's and it was during that period that he experimented with different techniques in watercolors and did critics with other peer fellows. Nevertheless, the group of 5 sketchbooks will made an important addition to art institute or serious collectors in Old Lyme School or American tonalism.

Bye, Claude

Most Chinese of my generation have an inexplicable profound love of Monet and his impressionism fellows. When Internet was not available in most of China in the late early 1990’s, Western Art seldom reached the public outside the major art institutes. Among the few magazines for English language education, quite a few chose famous artworks … Continue reading Bye, Claude