The Vanishing Points — The Transformation of Grand Army Plaza Through Viewing Vintage Postcards

Perhaps there is no other place than New York that vintage postcards hold the wonderful collectible values. For a city which has been rebuilding itself so many times, postcards provide an extravagant visual experience of "Then and Now" in indefinite scale. Not only that one can find the great rendering of the vanished buildings such as Penn Station, the Wardorf-Astoria Hotel, the Vanderbilt mansions, but also some less known architecture or statues in other boroughs including Brooklyn and Queens. [Read more...]

Frederick William MacMonnies and His Works in Brooklyn

MacMonnies was a Brooklynite and Brooklyn offered him the best spot for show his talent. Although the memorial arch itself is very Parisian, Quadriga, the group statues of the arch by macMonnies, is definitely American. The Spirit of the Army and The Spirit of the Navy flanked on each side both have compact compositions as if its narrates the all aspects of the civil war . Soldiers and officials are depicted in different layers and depths. Yet above all these turbulence, the Lady Columbia, an allegorical figure of the United States, leads the victory with winged angles playing trumpet upon her arrival. [...]