Christie’s American Painting Sale Preview

There were a good crowd at Christie's in the first afternoon preview of American Painting Sale. Among the consignors, there are museums such as Delaware Art Museum, Corcoran Gallery and other art institutions. Geo commented that one hundred years ago the first generation of collectors and philanthropists such as Cargenie, Frick, Morgan and Mellon, conglomerated … Continue reading Christie’s American Painting Sale Preview

Industry In Art: Visualizing Progress Through Painting and Photography

In the 20th Century there have been a number of approaches to painting industrial America. It took some time for artists to work their way up to the task, and some of the first attempts were corporate. In fact, the notion of corporate sponsorship remains in much of industrial art throughout the century. One place … Continue reading Industry In Art: Visualizing Progress Through Painting and Photography

The Indeterminate – Part 2

Part 1 is here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Even though the market prices of American paintings have gone record high in the past decades, the American Barbizon school nowadays is less known in public and claims little spotlights in the major auction houses. Between the grand panoramic rendering of Hudson River School and exciting, bright-toned eye-candy of American … Continue reading The Indeterminate – Part 2