Eugene Higgins on eBay

Another once-in-a-lifetime lot now available is a collection of over 200 etchings by Higgins (eBay number 180390114270). Higgins mastered the art of printmaking during his study in France. In 1957, the year before his death, the Library of Congress purchased 240 of his etchings. According to the seller, "the collection was squirrreled away by his dealer, Leonard Clayton Gallery of New York City, following Higgins's death in 1958", which "documents Higgin's etching and printmaking career nearly completely with a few duplicates."

Auction Brief: At Freeman’s and eBay

The Freeman's auction today "Friday: Paintings and Prints" proved the low to medium art market holds well. Only a few were unsold and most were sold within the estimation. The artworks that are valued between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars would probably not see as a huge profit margin as modern or contemporary hot spots which enjoyed before the economy went down; but nevertheless their values will not drop significantly like some of the contemporary artworks have seen now. The paintings and prints offered today have the appeal to serious collectors who do not want to get trapped by riskier investment. Plus they are beautiful.

Eugene Higgins — At The Dawn of Social Realism

Geo and I did not believe his statement. Nowadays philanthropists have favored direct humanitarian efforts to eliminate poverty, famine and disease instead of art. But back in the first half of the 20th century, art is a great asset because it provides the upper class a rare opportunity to taking part in humanitarian causes with an avoidance of alignments, fraction and slogans with the social injustice. In other words, though Higgins himself may paint with true feelings and experience, the critics absorbs his artwork as a medium to experience the life of the lowly with sympathy. The lack of fine details eased the anxiety of seeing the unpleasing and the ugly, and the solemn monumental scale gave figures a certain degree of dignity as what critics would expect. [Read More...]

Cause Without A Rebel — Eugene Higgins And His Peasantry

Eugene Higgins is the painter that came to my mind and research recently. He is almost forgotten now. But he gained financial success and social recognition during the last twenty years of his life. TBoth Geo and I found his somber pictures have a tremendous quality of deep emotions. The graphic massive planes unfolds the snapshots of the anonymous figures in the middle of toiling. "To live" has never been so realistic yet so the soul searching. [Read More...]