The Journey of Antiquing – 2

Those stories of Antiques Roadshow have never happened to me. The internet has a tremendous power of democratizing information, regardless high-end or bargins for the masses. But the journey of antiquing does not lose its charm from the booming internet platforms or social networking tools. There are just something special about riding in the car on the country … Continue reading The Journey of Antiquing – 2

The Unreproducible Pennsylvania Prize — Dower Chests

The characterstics that Pennsylvania German dower chests have never been mass reproduced in modern times and probably would never be, distinguishes them from other more grandeur types of furniture such as Duncan Phyfe chairs or Lannuier side tables, both of which can find their not-so-cheap and no-so-well-done modern reproduction. Thus, antiques collectors can say Nietzsche was wrong when he insisted that in a world of objective meaninglessness one must fall into nihilism unless one acts as if one's acts recur eternally. Those Pennsylvania prize would never recur again in the next life, so treasure it when you can. [Read more...]