Urban Art & Antiques Releases List of Top Articles of 2010

An article about dealer Frederick Klass Jr., the tv show American Pickers and the launch of the Highwood Street Market in Illinois is the top article for 2010 on Urban Art & Antiques. The site has also increased in popularity during the year, up 212 percent according to Google Analytics. A few people must have … Continue reading Urban Art & Antiques Releases List of Top Articles of 2010

Real or Repro? A Primer on Depression Glass

Cherry Blossom is also one of the top 5 most collected Depression Glass patterns! The beautiful pattern is not only eye catching, but has a variety of pieces making it quite useful . It also can be found just about everywhere making it a little easier to collect than some patterns. This has also made it a target, as one of the most reproduced of all depression patterns. When I identify a reproduction (repro) in a person’s collection I always hear it can’t be as it was my grandmothers and she wouldn’t have reproductions. She had this set 50 years! Unfortunately, they were making repro’s back in the 1970’s, and some even earlier. If the collector was alive and possibly buying replacement pieces, it is quite possible many collections have reproductions in them. Trying to figure out if it’s real or a repro can be difficult with this pattern as there is not really a common thread to look for in the pieces.