War and Crime — Honor Roll Monument at Prospect Park

From museum planet website, I learned that Arthur D. Pickering was the architect and Henry Augustus Lukeman designed the statue with Daniel Chester French as his associate. The veil on the face of the angle of the dead looks almost semi-transparent. But she does not look frightful. With her head tilted toward the solider and her wings gently curved over, the sentimental statue conveys protection and sympathy. [Read More...]

Three Views of the Four Continents

My first encounter with sculptures representing four continents, Africa, Asia, America and Europa, was in a San Francisco antique store. There were two large photos of sculpture that had been at the 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition. The photographs turned out to of sculptures made by Royal Doulton and displayed at the Exhibition. They are replicas of sculptures incorporated into the Royal Albert Monument in London. [Read more...]