Sale at the Museum: Washington Winter Show

Photo by Marcus Obal [photos by Lana Pennington unless otherwise noted] I have been to museums. The Met, The National Gallery of Art, and The Vatican are some of my favorites that hold invaluable treasure paintings, sculptures, and many decorative arts. It is believed that museums collect, safeguard, and make accessible artifacts, which they hold … Continue reading Sale at the Museum: Washington Winter Show

Who Made Andrew Jackson’s Sideboard?

Hermitage Andrew Jackson Nashville

At some point, likely between 1831 and 1840, Andrew Jackson bought a sideboard for his home at The Hermitage outside of Nashville. While the sideboard remains in the same room he placed it, information about where it originated has been lost. The sideboard is featured on page 405 of the recent book  Philadelphia Empire Furniture. … Continue reading Who Made Andrew Jackson’s Sideboard?