To Live Forever and The Mummy Chamber

Through more than one hundred objects drawn from the Brooklyn Museum’s world-renowned holdings of ancient Egyptian art, including some of the greatest masterworks of the Egyptian artistic heritage, To Live Forever explores the Egyptians’ beliefs about life and death and the afterlife, the process of mummification, the conduct of a funeral, and the different types … Continue reading To Live Forever and The Mummy Chamber

Visiting the Walters Art Museum

Knowing the history of each object, in particular how it can be restored, provides viewers a much deeper understanding and a more interactive way. We have always regarded museum collections as high art and in a way divine; but they may have reparations or flaws beyond conservator's scope. Only when one treats each object as if their own belonging does one opens up and feels the beauty. True, you may never be able to afford a Troyon, but thankfully the Walters Art Museum is free. In that way, we all own them.